We had a PARTY!

“What would you like for your Birthday darling”... “I'D LOVE A PARTY!”... “What a fabulous idea, I've been busting to have a party and this will be your first one - YAY!” So we had a super shindig with lots of colour, bubbles to blow, bubbles to drink, sherbert, crowns and lawn games in the sunshine.

A bit of a DIY throw together in the week before -  it was a busy week as I was in the midst of finishing the artwork for our German translation editions, but Mark and I had the day before off and spent it in a whirlwind of crafting; including our recycled paper bunting, sparkly crowns and 'wild things horns'.

Linden designed the menu himself; all his favourite foods - lots of cupcakes, melon sticks, chicken sticks, prawn sticks (he likes food on sticks in general really), popcorn, homemade cookies, lollies, chocolate raisins (watch out Quirky Turkey), cups of vege sticks with gaucomole and mini burgers. Plus of course the 40 mini jellytips in the freezer that I forgot to serve (which we polished off by ourselves over the following few days - yipes!).

and a special thanks to our friend Mike who got everyone fizzed up with his awesome 'Sir Bert Sherbert'

Crowns and 'Wild Things' horns for everyone....

Fun in the sun - games in the garden....

Such a fun day, I'm hanging out to do it all again. Parties rock! I could feel Linden's appreciation buzzing from him, he had such a blast spending it with so many who he loves. Towards the end of the day when we gathered for him to blow out the candles he was asked if he would like to say anything to the crowd - He simply said "Thank you".

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This is the party of my dreams! Those cupcakes look like happiness!

March 15, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterAlice McDowell

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