Dreamboat sets sail for Frankfurt

Linden and I are holding down the Dreamboat fort by ourselves this week while Mark's off to the land of strudel and beer – taking our dreams to the Frankfurt Book Fair. It's exciting! Linden and I are going to keep ourselves busy getting everything ready for 'I Love Lemonade' to hit the stores next week. So hopefully it will take our minds off missing Mark too much.


I Love Lemonade!

Hooray! First samples of our new book have arrived in the studio - our sequel to ‘Baa Baa Smart Sheep’. Quirky Turkey's out to get revenge. Do you think he'll pull the wool over Baa Baa's eyes??  ‘I Love Lemonade’ will be hitting the New Zealand stores this October and Australia in November.


Mumma Bird Moment

Linden's first family portrait. Move over Frida Kahlo, I love my eyelashes-hairdo-monobrow - and my heart nose - and Mark's slightly more closer together eyes - and his more abstract version of himself - I LOVE it all!


We’re in the News

While Mark was at the Waiheke Market on Saturday morning his Mum called. She was excited to let us know that a friend of hers had phoned to tell her there was an article on Mark and I in the New Zealand Herald - love that facebook hasn't killed the old grapevine yet! It's an article telling a bit about our creative story so far ... you can read it here.


A bug hit at the book awards

Two Little Bugs picked up 'Book of the Year' at the PANZ New Zealand Book Design Awards (plus the award for 'Best Children's Book') last week! I was so thrilled for Ro - happily watching her from the crowd as she walked up to collect her award (she was speechless by the way, literally!).

As the book design had nothing to do with me and is entirely Ro's work I reckon I can say what a fab job Ro did! So much of the success and charm of the book hinges on the clever way Ro treated the illustrations and design. What I personally like so much about the design (aside from the fact that the holes in the pages allow the bugs to talk 'through the leaf' to each other), is that it plays an integral part in the storytelling. It's much more than just a flash graphic treatment and adds a whole new dimension for little minds to explore. Even the convening judge Jenny Nicholls (who described it as “a work of wonderful charm and considerable skill"), said that it made her feel like she was three all over again.

Sometimes I think I am the luckiest kids book author in the world to have Ro to illustrate my words. Love your work!

(ps. Check out the video below of all the winners)


Designer Book Bugs

I am really delighted to let you know that 'Two Little Bugs' has been selected as a finalist in this years New Zealand Book Design Awards - YAY! Here is a cute video PANZ put togther announcing all the beautiful New Zealand Books in this years awards...


Monday Night Sparkles

I do love a bit of sparkle magic to start the week - don't you?


At Home: Dinner at our place

Mark won his FIRST EVER raffle at the end of last year at the Waiheke Primary School Fair - and it was a really good one! It included having the amazing head Chef of the beautiful TeWhau Vineyard Resturant - Marco Edwardes come over to our place to do a cooking lesson for a three course dinner.

We shared the evening on Friday with our good friends Steve and Sophia. It was such a fun, creative night and we ended up with a bunch of colourful pics so thought I'd share the night here with you too.

So who came........the guests

On the menu
Parmesan Wafer Stack with Tuna, Watercress & Lime Mayonnaise
Main - Poached Seafood Roulade, Vanilla-Leek, Citrus Beurre Blanc & Fresh Herbs
Dessert - Warm Flour-less Chocolate Cake & Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Let the cooking begin....  

... but not before I made the table pretty. Seemed like the fitting thing to do.

It was really fun to all cook together, and a great experience to learn from someone of Marco's calibre.

Sophia was pretty happy with her choice of nail polish colour.

Under Marco's guidence we made dishes that looked like this.......

Little chef Linden admired the cooking aprons and wanted one of his own, so I fashioned him this fetching ensemble....

Lets eat.....

Towards the end of the night, Linden fancied a bit of playdough action. Sophia made him this, I love it.....

Good times xx.

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